Saturday, April 5, 2014

Spencer's Banjo Adventure Post 22

We are at the point in the year where we are supposed to have picked out our topic and we have to begin writing and or formulating my speech. I have officially decided to talk about the importance of music. I am going to start planning out what are some key points I want to touch on in my talk. At this point I am going to practice and play banjo much less than I have been. I might upload another video or two but if I do it will be mostly talking and not as much banjo playing.
We are supposed to have our speech planned out by May 2nd because the in class talks begin on May 22nd. I am excited to get into really thinking about my talk and I can't wait to hear everyone else's talks. I don't want to rush, but I can't wait for the end of May.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Spencer's Banjo Adventure Post 21

Same old same old these past two weeks. Practicing here and there and a majority of thinking about the talk at the end of the year. Last Friday we had practice talks and I thought it went really well! Eight of us stood up in front of the class and talked about where we were with our projects for about a minute. I talked about how it was really hard teaching yourself a string instrument and how I was losing steam on the project but had kept myself interested by picking up the trumpet again. After everyone had completed their talks one of my friends in the class called me over and said she was experiencing the same thing with her project about learning guitar. It was reassuring to know that someone else is having the same problems as I am.
A majority of my free time is spent at least thinking about my talk coming up soon. Even now as I type this I have Pandora open in a separate tab and am listening to music. (I have to reopen it every so often because UTubeNoAds is messing with it and I don't know how to uninstall it) Music is such a great thing and has really been around forever. Music can infect us with a variety of emotions as well. Yesterday alone I went from tearing up at a song to dancing around my kitchen because a song rocked so much. Long story short, I love music and probably always will. It is just that great.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Spencer's Banjo Adventure Post 20

In class last Friday Mr. Provenzano gave our class a general response to all of the blogs we posted the week before. He addressed some of the suggestions given in our blogs and said he decided to make some changes. First off, as I suggested, we are going to be having mini, practice presentations on Fridays now instead of sitting around blogging or watching a video. I am glad this change is coming to fruition because I think it will be a lot more interesting than just reading people's blogs. Who knows, maybe I'll even bring in my banjo or trumpet and play something. Secondly, he is switching blog posts from every Friday to every two Fridays. I don't really care either way but I understand that for others it may be hard to blog every week. Lastly, he said that he would be strongly considering moving 20 time back next year until after the Transcendentalism unit. I think this will be great for the sophomores next year as it will give them time to get comfortable in their classes and hopefully have a lot of fun with their project ideas.
On the topic of my talk at the end of the year, I really think I'll focus on the importance of music. Music is such a big part of my everyday life and I cannot believe it took me this long to fully realize that. I am going to post a song by MercyMe, a Christian band, below. I don't whether you are religious or not but the chorus says "All of creation, sing with me now". No matter what your beliefs are, I think of this a lot; at its simplest meaning it says that music is everywhere. That life is a big song, and everything sings. 

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Spencer's Banjo Adventure Post 19

The blog topic for this week  is the question that follows given by my teacher Mr. Provenzano

What have you liked most/least about 20 time? What would you have done differently with your project?

First off, what I have like and disliked about 20 time. 20 time so far has been a much needed break in my work load, something that I can look forward to doing that I really enjoy. Math homework just doesn't do that for me. Blogging about my project is also a welcome change to my usual homework, it is a nice and relaxing way to just vent what I feel about the project and is very low stress because really the only requirement is that we write one and 'turn it in' on Monday. It is for me a positive twist on typical school projects. However, I have did not like how soon we had to commit to a project, a project that we would have to stick with for pretty much the rest of the year. My class joined 20 time a week late due to scheduling difficulties and we had even less time to ponder our projects than the other two classes. A classmate of mine suggested the other day that the project be started after our Transcendentalism unit, the first unit we did back in the fall. I totally agreed with his idea, the added time and the thought process of that unit would defiantly change ideas or at least build confidence in the projects. Finally, my suggestion for future 20 time projects. I would have loved if on Fridays instead of sitting around in class while only some people worked that we had done little presentations every so often, a way to show off what we had accomplished so far. This would have prepared us better for the talk at the end of the year but also familiarized ourselves with our classmates and their projects. Besides that, I would not have done anything differently in my project. I am happy with where I am and the hings that I have learned along the way. That's all for now!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Spencer's Banjo Adventure Post 18

Hello! This week in frustration with the banjo I decided to pick up my old trumpet, or technically a coronet, and see what I remembered. Turns out it is like riding a bike, pretty hard to forget. After a few tries at playing something it all started coming back to me and I had a lot of fun going through old music of mine and seeing if I could play it or not. It was a fresh change to the usual banjo practice I have had and it was a good way to take my frustrations with the banjo off my mind. I always loved the trumpet, though band class wasn't really for me, and it was a lot of fun this past week to get back in to playing my trumpet. That's all for now!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Spencer's Banjo Adventure Post 17

Look! Its a banjo video! Finally! Anyway, I talked about the usual stuff in the video, as well as some poorly tuned strumming. I have watched one TED talk and would like to watch two more tonight to get a feel for what the talks should be like. I am thinking about putting aside a notebook or something to write down ideas for my talk and start to form what I will focus on. I don't want to give it away so I will put minimal information in my blog posts for now. I have started to listen to music while I fall asleep just to further envelope myself in music; it is really calming in case you haven't tried. That's all for this week!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Spencer's Banjo Adventure Post 16

Hello! I apologize for not having a video to accompany this blog post, I cannot get youtube to upload my video. I promise promise promise for real that I will have a video for the next post. Anyway besides the usual practicing and wishing that happybanjodude would respond to my email or write a tab for The Boxer I traveled to Findlay, Ohio this past weekend with my high school choir for a competition. I knew I wouldn't be able to bring my banjo so I just prepared to sing and dance my heart out to replace my banjo thoughts for that day. Which, by the way, I did. But I was actually surprised by the musically inclined amount of people at the competition. Obviously I knew that everyone there would like music because it was a choir competition but nearly everyone I saw was doing something with music when they weren't preforming or getting ready to preform. There were tech members sitting around playing guitar, there were organizers singing and dancing in the halls, practically everyone present participated in the making of some kind of music. I just thought that it was really cool; they weren't doing anything they HAD to do. They were merely making music because they love doing so. Now it may just be that it is because they're involved with choir that they were doing all the things previously mentioned but I really think  that there is more to it than that. I really do think that there is something in all of us that just loves music. I have honestly never met a person who hasn't smiled or been happy or sad or had fun or anything else while listening to music. Music is a beautiful thing, and I am glad that I was able to begin to understand that at a competition in some random town in Ohio. I will defiantly consider this when it comes down to speaking at the end of the year. As I said above, I promise to have a video for next week. Thanks for reading!