Sunday, January 26, 2014

Spencer's Banjo Adventure Post 15

Hello banjo people of the world! Unfortunately I have not heard back from happybanjodude in the email that I sent to him about The Boxer, so I am not sure how successful I will be in learning that song. I have routinely checked his website for more tabs that he uploads so maybe I will choose from one of those to replace The Boxer on my list. I don't like the other songs as much as The Boxer but I am running out of time so I better choose one sooner than later.
There is officially going to be a TEDx event at South at the end of the year. The students who aren't chosen to speak at the event will still be counted as organizers, so that means I am getting into college! Not many people can say they've helped organize a TEDx event so I will have that going for me or maybe I will even get to say that I spoke at a TEDx event. I'm not making any promises.
I know that I haven't made a video in a while but it has just been off my radar. The past week and a half have been almost entirely focused on swim team and midterms. I will try to get a video in the next blog post but if not for sure two posts from now. Next weekend I have a choir competition in Findlay, Ohio so I might not be able to get a video up in time. I'll see.
Still working on the two songs I know a little bit and watching some TEDx events. I am really excited for the end of the year presentations, though they are still pretty far off from here. That's all for this week!


  1. Hi Spencer!

    My name is Mary and I am a grad student at USJ in CT. This project sounds really interesting! I can't really play any instruments, but I love music! I can't wait to see where this learning takes you throughout the year! You can follow what my class is doing on twitter at #usjct #ed584

    Happy blogging! :)

  2. Thank you for your feedback Mary! I truly appreciate it!