Saturday, March 1, 2014

Spencer's Banjo Adventure Post 19

The blog topic for this week  is the question that follows given by my teacher Mr. Provenzano

What have you liked most/least about 20 time? What would you have done differently with your project?

First off, what I have like and disliked about 20 time. 20 time so far has been a much needed break in my work load, something that I can look forward to doing that I really enjoy. Math homework just doesn't do that for me. Blogging about my project is also a welcome change to my usual homework, it is a nice and relaxing way to just vent what I feel about the project and is very low stress because really the only requirement is that we write one and 'turn it in' on Monday. It is for me a positive twist on typical school projects. However, I have did not like how soon we had to commit to a project, a project that we would have to stick with for pretty much the rest of the year. My class joined 20 time a week late due to scheduling difficulties and we had even less time to ponder our projects than the other two classes. A classmate of mine suggested the other day that the project be started after our Transcendentalism unit, the first unit we did back in the fall. I totally agreed with his idea, the added time and the thought process of that unit would defiantly change ideas or at least build confidence in the projects. Finally, my suggestion for future 20 time projects. I would have loved if on Fridays instead of sitting around in class while only some people worked that we had done little presentations every so often, a way to show off what we had accomplished so far. This would have prepared us better for the talk at the end of the year but also familiarized ourselves with our classmates and their projects. Besides that, I would not have done anything differently in my project. I am happy with where I am and the hings that I have learned along the way. That's all for now!

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  1. I love reflecting back on long projects to see what has worked and what I would have changed! Sometimes the best learning comes from the process, not the product. By you experiencing this project and being completely invested in it, you will be able to learn and grow so much more than if your teacher had given you a typical assignment. All of you are so invested in your projects and it is so great to see the highs and lows that all of you face.